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Today was a really fantastic day. All of my classes were relatively good, except those few students you know who you are!

This is my favorite time of year, fall going into winter. It is so peaceful.

Ms. Whiskers went missing today. Though, she is somewhere in the castle, obviously. I am not worried though, she knows her way around. If anyone happens to see her though, could you tell me it would be nice.

I just recieved news from my father. He seems to be doing better than before. We still don't know all the details yet.

Thank you for that splendid walk that we had the other day. It was refreshing. I hope to see you again, (alone of course). I hope that it relieved some of the stress that I saw in your eyes. You are a magnificent man, do you know that? Most people I know would not be able to handle what you are going through, and with so much poise. I dare say, you are one of a kind my dear. I hope that you don't stress out too much while we are separated.


ps. I would enjoy very much if you and I had more tea one of these days. I am due for a cup.

Now, for some music.

((are you in any of my transfiguration classes by any chance?))
My glittens are quite old, and I was wondering, dear, if you would mind making me a new pair. I have no time to do it myself, and I heard that you were the one to go to. So if you don't mind, I would love a pair of emerald and maroon ones.


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