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The Night

The masquerade was a wonderful night. I don't remember much, due to a specific someone!

Albus, such a friend as I've ever had one, yet he some how won my heart. How did he do it! I don't know. But he stole it from right out under me! I get to see him later on tonight too! EEK! I feel like a little school girl all over again, when heartthrob Negulus Ruxpin came to town (oh what a night). *sigh*

By the way, the Voldermort/Tom thing is getting really intersting. I should want to know more hint hint hint Tell me as you want me to know.

The Masque was a fantastic night.

Ms. Whiskers is very lonely without her Monster. Meda is also lost, I am so sad that she has to deal with the troublings of a prankster. If they happen to read this, bring back the kitten no questions asked ASAP, or shall have to deal with Ms. Whiskers.

As for all the fifth years, your paper on the Transformations Throughout History book have been extended to Friday.

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